Weekly Meal Planning For One

If you were looking for a sign to start a weekly meal preparation , this is it.  There’s a lot that takes place during the week and a little inconvenience over what to eat , should never form part of your worries . You deserve a life of ease and what better way to bask in this wonderful life knowing you’re set up for an entire week regarding what you will eat .


One thing that seems to be daunting to a vast majority when it comes to meal preparation , is the thought of having the same food the entire week . Well , that’s not how we do things over here .

At least three recipes for a week , makes meal planning much better . You can indulge in a variety of recipes plus , worry not about the calories . All the meals in this article are healthy and the doctors will give you a thumbs up . Sorry meat lovers , this week we are going meatless but you won’t regret it !


Chickpea Stew with WholeWheat Pita Bread

This has become an addiction , a week feels incomplete if i don’t have this delicious chickpea stew. Not only does it taste divine , it is nourishing and leaves you feeling full which means less cravings during the day .If you aren’t big on spending hours in the kitchen,you are in the right place because this takes only 15 minutes to prepare !  Check out the recipe here .


Eggplant and Apricot Curry

You only need 20 minutes to prepare this and you can serve this with some pita bread or opt for rice .  One important thing , make sure you have coconut yoghurt to serve with the curry , it is an absolute must because the curry and the yoghurt go well together.  The recipe can be found here .

Chilli Macaroni

A low effort recipe that anyone can make , you do not require any culinary skills to prepare this. You can store this in the fridge for up to a week in a container and just warm it up when it’s time to indulge.  You can check out the recipe here.

Make sure you store the food in air tight containers in the fridge .With all these recipes , you will have enough food for lunch and dinner for a week .

All these recipes will take you less than an hour to prepare , i am sure you can spare 45 minutes of your time on Sunday to save you from worrying over what to eat during the week .  You can dedicate some of that worrying time to more important and exciting matters.

If you are looking for a weekly meal planner you can get a template from here