Street Corn And Chicken Bowl

Street corn and chicken bowl sound like a great combination. This recipe will help you discover easy and nourishing meals, without wasting your time.

A walk along the street in town can never be complete if you don’t discover a tall guy grilling sweet corn on the side of the road. What a more fun way to enjoy street corn after a walk, a rewarding moment indeed.

With this recipe, you can choose to grill the sweet corn yourself or better yet opt for the one you buy from the street. The money we spend enriches society and comes back to us multiplied, so buy the street corn.

The one recipe that I have always enjoyed with sweet corn, is the Mexican chicken salad from Mugg and Bean. It has never disappointed me. Although I have to say, their generosity with the lettuce is unnecessary. I do love greens, but lettuce doesn’t make it in the category of greens I like.


Street Corn And Chicken Bowl

Street corn and the chicken bowl recipe is a favorite of mine. Behind every recipe, there is always a story. And this lovely recipe made it to the cookbook, because of the special place it holds in my heart. While I do not prefer jogging on any happy day, I was dragged into the street by a group of ladies. We ended up on the side of the road, chatting with a tall guy selling grilled corn. And yes, we ended up buying.

Confused over what to do with the sweet corn, one of the ladies suggested we prepare the street corn and chicken bowl. What a lovely and nourishing dish it was, it had to form part of the cookbook.

I am hoping that you will enjoy this lovely and healthy bowl. For more recipes, visit the food section on the blog.