High-Protein Vegetable Salad

The past few months have been such an absolute joy for me. I placed so much effort into carefully choosing the foods I consume. This high-protein vegetable salad in particular has kept my cravings at an all-time low. Yes, when your cravings are low, it means less junk right?

The results have been amazing. The transformation from always complaining about exhaustion to feeling energetic and productive has been so great. I feel so great after every meal, energized and ready to kick ass.

Consuming healthy foods is not only beneficial to your overall health but your skin and productivity are impacted as well. I find that healthy food does contribute to how you feel. One of my favorite Youtube channels speaks of the right foods to eat to remain productive. Pick-up limes cover why we always feel tired, and the right foods to fix that. Watch below.


There are additional foods you can choose, to improve your protein intake. Chickpeas, eggs, peanut butter, and more can be a great source of protein. The advantage of protein is curbing your hunger, and preventing the constant craving for junk food.

Healthy eating is a form of self-love, practice it often. For more recipes from this blog, head over to the food section for a selection of recipes to try.