Creamy Chicken Recipe

If it’s comfort food you’re seeking, worry not. This creamy chicken recipe may not make it to the best diet food choice, but it sure does make it to delicious foods. I am personally encouraging you to ditch your diet for once and dig in.

I visited a friend for dinner, and while I have been trying to stay on the plant-based diet, there was chicken on the table and I couldn’t resist. Sorry to the plant-based diet fanatics, I fell for the tempting mouthwatering creamy chicken.

I ended up asking for the recipe because it was that good. My friend served the chicken with sour mashed potatoes. You can also choose to serve it with rice if you fancy but the sour mashed potatoes perform better with the chicken.

Creamy Chicken Recipe

I am a big fan of batch-making food but with this recipe, I recommend serving it immediately. The cream and the wine together don’t seem like a good combination to keep for long term hehe. So make the creamy chicken with the intention of serving it immediately.

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