Best Healthy Breakfast Recipes

I have combined all the healthy breakfast recipes that one can choose from. From smoothies to oats and, homemade granola. You can prepare the ingredients for smoothies and freeze them to save time in the morning.ย 

Kiwi Smoothie

This one works well if you are on the detox journey. It’s a good cleanser. Not only will it benefit your health, but this healthy breakfast recipe is good for your skin too. If you wish to have that glowing skin, I suggest you start having this smoothie. After all, we are eating for beauty in 2022. Check out the recipe here.

Very Berry Smoothie

My absolute favorite smoothie. This breakfast recipe has a little secret to it. If you are attempting to avoid coffee, you can use this recipe as a replacement. It has ginger in it, so it gives you that little wake-up kick you need in the morning. The recipe can be found here.

Banana Oats

The most comforting healthy breakfast recipe. Oats breakfast is not only healthy, but it keeps you full for a longer period. This helps to prevent unnecessarily craving those unhealthy snacks. We all know how you can easily jump into eating anything when hungry. Get the recipe here.


I know Sundays are meant for rest, but sparing that 1 hour while preparing your meals for the week can be the most beneficial thing ever. This recipe saves you money, we know the prices at grocery stores are ridiculously crazy. The best part about this granola recipe is that it is soft. Yes, no chewing like you’re fighting for your life haha.

Blueberry Smoothie

Okay, this one is meant for strawberry haters hehe. You can still enjoy a berry smoothie just with blueberries. A little ginger added to the recipe can give you that morning boost. Your health goals are still catered for in all these recipes. Get the recipe here.

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